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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

RQIA has produced frequently asked questions (FAQs) documents for service providers, and for service users and members of the public. You can access these documents below.

What is the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA)?

The Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA) was established under The Health and Personal Social Services (Quality, Improvement and Regulation) (Northern Ireland) Order 2003. It is the independent body responsible for monitoring and inspecting the availability and quality of health and social care services in Northern Ireland, and encouraging improvements in the quality of those services. Click here to view the Health and Personal Social Services (Quality, Improvement and Regulation) (Northern Ireland) Order 2003

What does RQIA do?

We register and inspect a wide range of health and social care services. Our inspections are based on a new set of minimum care standards which will ensure that both the public and the service providers know what quality of services is expected.

Our inspectors visit nursing and residential care homes and children's homes to examine all aspects of the care provided, to guarantee the comfort and dignity of those using the facilities, and ensure public confidence in these services. We also regulate nursing agencies and the independent healthcare sector.

RQIA has a role in assuring the quality of services provided by health and social services boards, trusts and agencies, to ensure that every aspect of care reaches the standards laid down by the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety and expected by the public.

Why was RQIA established?

People in Northern Ireland care passionately about the quality of health and social care services, and these public expectations continue to increase. We need an independent organisation that can inspect against care standards and encourage continuous quality improvement. Research and experience across these islands and across the world has shown that independent assessment of governance in organisations can lead to higher quality health and social care. RQIA will undertake these independent assessments and report to government and the people of Northern Ireland.

Governance means that organisations must make sure that there are visible and rigorous structures, processes, roles and responsibilities in place to deliver, monitor and promote safety and quality improvements in the provision of health and social care.

Is RQIA independent?

Yes, we are an independent body. Our board and staff are completely independent of health and social services. Board members cannot be appointed if they continue to have links with health and social services organisations.

How do you involve the public in your work?

RQIA has a role in assuring the quality of services provided by health and social services boards, trusts and agencies.

RQIA involves lay assessors in our regulation, review and mental health and learning disability activities. If you wish to get involved, please email us or telephone: (028) 9051 7500. We also consult with the public when developing our policies and procedures.

What is RQIA's annual budget?

Details of RQIA's annual budget are available in our annual report and accounts.

Does RQIA publicly report on its work?

Each year we publish an annual report which reports on our performance against our business plan targets, and outlines our key activities during the previous year. Where we carry out reviews of services we publicly report on our findings, highlighting learning for organisations across the health and social care sector.

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