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RQIA's Inspection Methodology

Following extensive consultation with service providers during 2008-09, RQIA implemented  a new methodology of inspection. Best practice in regulation suggests that inspection should:

  • assess the performance of individual providers
  • focus on outcomes for service users
  • provide clearer information to the public about the quality of services
  • reinforce providers' responsibility for quality - through self-assessment approaches
  • target inspection resources on poor quality services where improvement is most needed

It also states that regulators should be drivers of quality rather than just compliance.

To support this new approach, RQIA has developed self-assessment with rigorous validation by RQIA inspectors, revised approaches to gathering the views of service users, relatives and staff working within services, and new reporting formats. This new methodology was introduced in April 2009 and applies to all announced inspections across all regulated services, with the exception of children services.

For guidance on 2014-15 inspection activity in adult services, click here.


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