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Complaints & Feedback

Complaints and feedback play a very important role in health and social care, and provide important information about service users’ experiences.

In 2009, DHSSPS published Complaints in Health and Social Care: Standards and Guidelines for Resolution and Learning, DHSSPS, April 2009, which details how all complaints about health and social care services should be handled.

You can get practical support to help you make a complaint from the Patient and Client Council. You can speak to a patient and client support officer at freephone: 0800 917 0222, or email:complaints.pcc@hscni.net

For more information, visit the PCC’s website at:www.patientclientcouncil.hscni.net/making-a-complaint

Making a Complaint about a Health and Social Care Service

If you wish to make a complaint/raise concerns, or are dissatisfied with a service, you should follow these steps:

1. In the first instance, raise your concern with the service provider (for example, the manager of a home/service) who should attempt to resolve your concerns in line with their own complaints procedures. You may also involve the local HSC trust at this stage.

Belfast HSC Trust
Northern HSC Trust
South Eastern HSC Trust
Southern HSC Trust
Western HSC Trust

2. If you are dissatisfied and have not yet involved the local HSC trust, you can contact your local trust to take forward your concerns. 

3. If you remain dissatisfied you can then bring your concerns to the Northern Ireland Ombudsman at freephone: 0800 343 424 or visit the Ombudsman’s website at: http://www.ni-ombudsman.org.uk/

If you believe your concerns may relate to a potential breach of regulations or minimum care standards, you can contact RQIA by email at: info@rqia.org.uk . Alternatively, during office hours, call RQIA on (028) 9051 7500 and ask to speak with our duty inspector. RQIA’s inspector will assess this information to determine what action may be required.

Whilst RQIA does not investigate individual complaints, through our regulatory activities, we have an important role in ensuring all regulated services: have an effective complaints procedure; take complaints seriously; and investigate complaints thoroughly, in line with DHSSPS complaints guidelines.

Making a Complaint about RQIA

If you wish to make a complaint or provide feedback about RQIA, click here