Police (Public Places) concerned about the person's mental health and associated risks

The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) may be concerned that a person, in a public place ("a place to which the public have access"), appears to be mentally disordered. The Police (PSNI) have powers under
Article 130 of the Order to detain and if necessary to allow a police officer to remove a person who appears to be suffering from a mental disorder from a public place to "a place of safety", if necessary to do so in the best interests of that person.

If the person is to be transported to a hospital as a place of safety, an ambulance or other NIAS vehicle should be used. However Police should travel in the ambulance with the person, as police are unable to delegate the authority to convey. A person should only be transported in a police vehicle in exceptional circumstances. On the rare occasions that this occurs, the police vehicle should be accompanied by an ambulance vehicle so that assistance can be provided if a medical emergency arises. LINK TO ROLE