Person is examined immediately by doctor on the staff of the psychiatric hospital


The purpose of the 14 day period of detention in hospital for assessment is to facilitate a comprehensive multi-disciplinary assessment of the person/patient and a decision as to the need for further detention in hospital for treatment.

What information should be made available to staff in the admitting hospital?

In addition to that contained in Form 3 and Form 1 or 2, the Approved Social Worker, if involved in the detention process, will prepare and submit an initial and/ or more detailed report outlining the circumstances of his assessment and subsequent decision to make application for the person's detention in hospital for assessment See ASW Report Pro-forma and Guidance (MHO A and MHO B) Appendix Section.

These reports will also contribute to the Comprehensive Risk Assessment if indicated. LINK TO 'Promoting Quality Care – Good Practice Guidance on the Assessment and Management of Risk in Mental Health and Learning Disability Services – May 2010

If the nearest relative completed the application for admission (Form 1) the responsible Health and Social Care Trust is required under Article 5 (6) to direct a social worker to interview the patient and provide the RMO with a report on the patient's social circumstances. This should also be considered as part of the assessment of the patient's needs. See Pro-forma for Social Circumstances Report (MHO D) and Guidance in Role of ASW Appendix Section

A doctor on the staff of the hospital should examine the person immediately on arrival. LINK TO ROLE OF THE PSYCHIATRIST

It is important that the examination is carried out as a matter of urgency. Until the person has been formally admitted under Article 9 he can only be prevented from leaving the hospital by the applicant or person delegated by the applicant on the basis of the powers to "take and convey" conferred on the applicant under Article 8 of the Order. The doctor should consider information contained in the preliminary ASW report. See ASW MHO Pro - forma in Role of the ASW Appendix section.