Doctor completes Form 7. Person is now detained for assessment

If the person is considered to meet the criteria for admission for assessment, the admitting doctor must complete Form 7 accordingly. This must include a clinical description of the patient's mental condition which justifies the detention. The doctor should advise the person. LINK TO FORM 7

The person must also be advised of his rights including the right to appeal to a Mental Health Review Tribunal. Nursing staff should provide this information in both verbal and written form and should take account any communication difficulties that might exist. This information may need to be relayed on a number of occasions to ensure that it is sufficiently understood. Advocacy services may also provide support.

Are there any particular considerations that should be made in relation to a child or young person?

The process of assessment, recommendation and application, detention for assessment and treatment and discharge from detention are the same for each individual regardless of age. However the Code states that it is always preferable for children and young people admitted to hospital to be accommodated with others of their own age group in children's wards or adolescent units, separate from adults. The Department has issued guidance to Trusts on how best to meet the needs of children and young people who require in-patient assessment and if necessary treatment in relation to mental disorder in those exceptional circumstances where no appropriate children's placement is available.

Are there any particular considerations that should be made in relation to a child or young person? cont'd

The Regional Health and Social Care Board has also directed (August 2010) that the admission of an under 18 year old person to an adult Mental Health or Learning Disability Facility be considered as an "Untoward Event". Staff should follow Trust Guidance in relation to the process which should be followed when this occurs.

LINK TO Under 18 Year Olds in Adult Mental Health Facilities (Letter) and Under 18 Year Olds in Adult Learning Disability Facilities (Hsc (Mhdp) 01/2008

RQIA closely monitor and review the in-patient assessment, treatment and care of children and young people in psychiatric and learning disability facilities. LINK TO RQIA Independent Review of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) in Northern Ireland. February 2011