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Web Portal

What is RQIA’s Web Portal?

RQIA’s Web Portal opens up an additional channel into RQIA - giving you increased control of your information and greater efficiency in meeting your regulatory requirements. It is an online web portal, allowing you to view and submit information regarding your service, including:

• Reporting and tracking notifiable incidents to RQIA (i.e. Form 1a, 1b, 2)
• Downloading and returning reports and Quality Improvement Plans (QIPs)
• Completing post inspection questionnaires
• Performing registration processes (including new registrations, manager variation, changes to registered provider, adding partners, notification of absence, cancellation, and variation)
• Create and manage your own sub users to perform the above functions

To view a series of training videos about Web Portal, visit RQIA's Youtube Channel

How can I get access to Web Portal?

All registered managers and providers have been issued with usernames and passwords for the portal.

If you are currently registered with RQIA as a manager or provider and have not received your user details, please contact us here.

If you are working for a regulated or inspected service but are not registered with RQIA, please speak to the relevant registered manager or provider, who will be able to grant you delegate access.

Training videos, including on how to create and manage delegate users can be found here.

I am the registered Provider of multiple sites, how will the Web Portal cater for me? Can multiple users exist for my service?

All providers and managers will receive a single log on to the Portal. This will give you secure access to all appropriate services that you are responsible for (so if you are the provider of five services, all five services are available through a single log on). Registered Managers and Providers can then delegate certain responsibilities to additional users that they create (so for example, a deputy manager can be given access to log notifications on one service but not another).

Where can I access training videos for Web Portal?

To view a series of training videos about Web Portal, visit RQIA's Youtube Channel

What if I have additional queries?

If you have any additional queries or need further assistance, please contact the RQIA web portal team here

Is there additional step by step guidance?

The below links to documents contain step by step guidance in relation to frequently asked questions. For full details on the use of the portal please visit RQIA's Youtube Channel for a complete suite of training videos.

How to complete a Notification of Absence (Provider Guidance)

How to make a Manager Application (Provider Guidance)

How to Complete an Application for Manager Registration (Applicant Guidance)

How to manage Delegate Users (Manager and Provider Guidance)

How to reset your password (All Users)

How to submit a statutory notification

How to submit a follow up notification

How to Complete a Return of Registered Manager form

How to complete an application for Variation to Registration

How to complete an Application for Voluntary Cancellation

How to complete a Responsible Person application (Applicant guidance)

How to complete a Covid19 status update via Web Portal