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Neurology: Engagement With Families

We reached out to the family members of the deceased patients selected for Phase 2 of the Expert Review to give them an opportunity, if they wish, to become involved with the review.  During May and June 2021, 14 families availed of individual meetings with the Family Liaison Team, whilst a further 12 families chose to engage with the team via zoom, telephone, email or by post. 

The family members who engaged with the team spoke about their experiences regarding the care and treatment provided to their relative by Dr Watt and this has been documented on a Family Information Form. The team liaised with the families in order to agree the content of each form, which was then shared with the Expert Review panel.

We have worked closely with The Royal College of Physician’s to ensure reports are provided as soon as is possible after the work of reviewing the records is completed.  We have also been in regular contact with each of the families who have engaged with us to provide them with updates on expected timescales for the reports and individual case summaries, written in lay person language, for each patient reviewed.  The Family Liaison Team will offer each family a range of options for receiving the information with in the case summary.

RQIA, in acknowledging that our contact with the families may prove painful and may further impact on their grief and sorrow, has identified a number of organisations who can offer support, should that be of benefit.  In addition, our Family Liaison Team can arrange independent counselling services should this be required. Contact details are available here

You can find further information in two leaflets below.  Click on the image to open the leaflet: