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Unannounced Inspection at Daisy Hill Hospital, March 2017

Today, RQIA has published the findings of its unannounced inspection of Daisy Hill Hospital, which took place in early December 2016.

Olive Macleod, RQIA’s Chief Executive, said: “RQIA’s overall findings for the Emergency Department and Female Medical Ward at Daisy Hill Hospital were very positive. At the hospital, we found strong leadership and governance arrangements, and processes in place to provide good quality care to patients.”

Mrs Macleod continued: “During our inspection, our team found that nursing and medical staff were visible, approachable, suitably experienced and were leading effectively. The nursing staff told us that morale was good and they felt respected and valued.”

“Junior doctors highlighted many areas of good practice, including high quality, regular teaching and supervision, and an emphasis on quality improvement and good team working. We also noted staff working collaboratively in multidisciplinary teams to understand and meet the range and complexity of patients’ care needs.”

In common with other hospitals in Northern Ireland, some staff reported that, at times, they can sometimes find it challenging to be responsive to patient needs due to reduced staffing numbers.  However, at Daisy Hill we also found staff who were well supported by their management and evidence of good staff retention.

RQIA’s Chief Executive concluded: “RQIA commends the management and staff at all levels in Daisy Hill Hospital. We believe that by sharing the best practice we observed in the areas inspected, and by addressing the recommendations arising from our inspection, the Southern Trust can continue to deliver high quality of care for everyone attending its services.”

You can view the full report here.