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RQIA Statement on Care Home Visiting

During the pandemic RQIA has played a key role in supporting care homes.  On behalf of the Department of Health, Public Health Agency and Health and Social Care we collate daily reports from the care homes, which includes information on visiting. 

As part of our role, we have advised them on the implementation of Covid -19: Regional Principles for Visiting in Care Settings in Northern Ireland, and provide support where appropriate.  Circumstances vary from home to home and over time, particularly where there is an outbreak.  We are, however, monitoring the situation across all care homes. 

Given the success of the vaccination programme and current social restrictions, there is a real opportunity to more safely increase access for families.  We are actively working with homes to ensure compliance with the guidance. 

We recognise the important role that visiting plays in promoting the wellbeing of care home residents, and as the risk from the recent peak in cases reduces we will ensure, through the means available to us, that all care homes move to full compliance.

Where family members have concerns about particular homes they can contact RQIA’s Guidance Team on (028) 9536 1990 or email: info@rqia.org.uk.