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Expert Review of Records of Patients of Dr Watt who died 2008-18

This is a highly complex and sensitive matter and RQIA is mindful of the expectations of family members of Dr Watt’s patients who died in the 10 year period prior to May 2018. 

Due to the complexity and sensitivity, it has been important for a Legal Framework to be created under which the work is to be carried out, ensuring all parties involved have a clear understanding of the legal responsibilities.  Work by RQIA to finalise this Framework had completed in February.

In 2018 the Department of Health commissioned RQIA to undertake a review of the records of former patients of Dr Watt who had died over the previous 10 years.  This review is complex and will require a staged approach.  Due to the scale of the work involved, it may to take a number of years to complete.

Stage 1 – The Legal Basis for the Review

The first stage of this Review is complete.  We worked with various stakeholders to finalise the Legal Framework in respect of accessing records.  We also developed standard operating protocols for the management and storage of any patient records we receive.

Stage 2Identification of deceased patients and their records

In collaboration with the HSC Trusts and Board, we plan to identify the affected patients and the locations of their records.  This information will assist in determining the scale of the Review and also the planning of the next stages.

Please check back for updates on our progress of this Review.