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Appointment of Part II Doctors

Current List of Approved Part II Medical Practitioners

A list of Part II Medical Practitioners, can be accessed here: List of Part II Medical Practitioners

Policy for Appointing Part II Medical Practitioners and Application Form / Guidance Notes

You can access the these documents by clicking on the links below:

Appointment to the RQIA List of Part II Medical Practitioners

Under Article 25(1) Health and Social Care (Reform) Act (Northern Ireland) 2009, RQIA has the power to appoint Part II Medical Practitioners.

Medical Practitioners at Consultant Psychiatrist level, with specialist experience in the diagnosis or treatment of mental disorder, who meet the conditions set out by RQIA, are eligible to apply for appointment as a Part II Medical Practitioner.

The suitability of each applicant is considered by RQIA with account taken of the relevant experience, training, professional standing, qualifications and indemnity of the practitioner. Approval of appointment is not automatic.


Part II Medical Practitioners, appointed by RQIA, are authorised to make a recommendation to compulsorily assess and detain a patient to hospital, for assessment, under Part II of the Mental Health (Northern Ireland) Order 1986 or to make applications for Guardianship or renewal thereof.

Responsibilities of RQIA

RQIA will ensure that Medical Practitioners who apply to be appointed to the RQIA List of Part II Medical Practitioners have met the eligibility criteria for appointment.

The Appointment Panel

An RQIA Board Appointed Panel meets to consider applications for appointment as a Part II Medical Practitioner.

The Appointment Panel will make a determination of an application for appointment. Exceptional circumstances may be applied if there is an immediate requirement for a more urgent appointment, e.g. to meet particular demands of the Criminal Justice System.

Medical Practitioners in substantive posts in a trust or independent hospital will usually be approved for five years. A locum consultant psychiatrist may be approved for up to 12 months.

Part II Medical Practitioners will receive a letter confirming the appointment and the duration of appointment. A certificate with the RQIA seal will also be issued to the Medical Practitioner. Extensions to the duration of appointment by a Locum Medical Practitioner must be made in writing. An extension to the appointment of any Locum Medical Practitioner can only be considered up to a further 12 month period.

All Medical Practitioners who intend to carry out any duties relating to the Mental Health (Northern Ireland) Order 1986 must ensure they are approved by RQIA before carrying out any duties.

How to Apply

If you would like to apply to become a Part II Medical Practitioner or require further information, please contact the Mental Health and Learning Disability Team on 028 9536 0274, or email part11@rqia.org.uk to receive an application pack.  You can access a list of the dates of future Panel meetings here