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Monitor Detention Forms

RQIA is required at Article 86 (2) of the Mental Health Order to scrutinise all prescribed forms associated with detention processes, and advise health and social care trusts if there are any errors or omissions which may make the detention or guardianship process improper.

Detention is defined as the deprivation of liberty or imprisonment or the placement of a person who is detained under legislation in a public or private institutional setting, which they are not permitted to leave at will.

RQIA's MHLD team scrutinise detention forms 3 and 10.  Form 3 is the form required to detain a patient for assessment and form 10 for detention for treatment. The purpose of the assessment period is to ensure that the patients’ mental health condition is thoroughly investigated and the need for compulsory care or treatment fully established before they can be detained on a long term basis.