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Apply for Clinical Audit Funding

Please note that all documentation relating to the 2019-2020 funding process will be available electronically on this page from 24 August 2018 until 26 October 2018.  

You can access copies of the application forms below.

Each year, RQIA invite the health and social care community to apply for funding for the undertaking of regional clinical audit and quality improvement projects.

Before you make an application, all clinical audit applications must be discussed with your clinical director/quality improvement lead and clinical audit department. Your application must be signed by your clinical audit manager and project lead.

Projects should meet the following criteria:

  • Meet an identified priority, e.g. SAI, HSC priorities,specified by DoH NI or Chief Medical Officer
  • Evidence-based standards must be identified, e.g. NICE, Royal colleges, KPI, Service  frameworks
  • Ability to provide evidence of a support network e.g. buy-in from the HSC trust's executive management team (EMT) or relevant professional forums.
  • Have a multi-skilled project team
  • Audit data to be collected regionally and all HSC trusts represented on the audit project team advisory/steering group