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Consultation Closed - Publication of Children's Inspection Reports (Updated June 2023)

RQIA launched a public consultation seeking views on proposals to publish its inspection reports on services for Children and Young People. 

RQIA publishes inspection reports on our website relating to services provided to adults, but does not publish those relating to Children’s Services.  The current arrangement aims to protect the privacy of children and young people and to prevent attempts by anyone who would seek to target or exploit them.  However, we accept that withholding publication of reports relating to services for children and young people prevents the wider public from having information about the quality of services being provided, and how they are functioning.  

Our Consultation proposed that we publish these inspection reports in an anonymised format, which we consider will protect the privacy of the children and young people who access these services.  We would welcome your views on our proposed way forward.

This Consultation opened on 14 July 2022 and closed on 20 October 2022.  

Feedback Report

You can read the feedback report, which provides a summary of the responses received at the following link:  Consultation on the Proposed Publication of RQIA Inspection Reports of Services for Children and Young People - Feedback Report

Click on the links below to access the consultation document and supporting materials.  

Other Documents

Consultation Events

As part of this consultation, we held a series of events to engage with children and young people who have lived experience of care services, facilitated by a number of advocacy organisations. We also held online events to engage with those with an interest in care services for children and young people, to discuss our proposals and to hear their views.  Thank-you to all who participated in these events.