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RQIA registers and inspects a wide range of health and social care services. Our inspections are based on care standards which will ensure that both the public and the service providers know what quality of services is expected. RQIA’s inspection approach is underpinned by the Better Regulation Commission’s principles of good regulation, and also by the Hampton Principles, which state that regulation should be: transparent; accountable; proportionate; consistent and targeted.

Our inspectors visit a range of services including nursing, residential care and children's homes to examine all aspects of the care provided, to assure the comfort and dignity of those using the facilities, and ensure public confidence in these services. We are also responsible for the regulation day care settings, domiciliary care agencies, nursing agencies and a range of independent health care services.

RQIA also has a role in assuring the quality of services provided by the Strategic Planning and Performance Group (SPPG), HSC trusts and agencies, to ensure that every aspect of care reaches the standards laid down by the Department of Health and expected by the public.

Under the Health and Social Care (Reform) Act (NI) 2009, RQIA undertakes a range of responsibilities for people with a mental illness and those with a learning disability.  These include: preventing ill treatment; remedying any deficiency in care or treatment; terminating improper detention in a hospital or guardianship; and preventing or redressing loss or damage to a patient's property.

You can access inspection reports for a range of health and social care services here.